Asia Bizz: The Agni-V missile was today on April 19, 2012 successfully test fired by India from the Wheeler Island, off the coast of Orissa. The Agni-V missile is a long range, nuclear capable and ballistic missile of 5,000 km.

The Scientists at the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) said that the missile was launched at 8:07 am, it soared 600 km high and also reached its destination and target. The missile has been developed by DRDO.

Dr. VK Saraswat, the chief of DRDO described the launch as a ‘super hit’ and game changer and added that India is now a missile power. With the launch of the Agni V, it has proved all its technological capabilities.

The successful lift up of the Agni V has pushed the name of India in to the elite club of nations, who are now experts in launching intercontinental ballistic missiles. The prestigious elite clue also includes the names of the nations like, France, China, Russia and US. The missile travelled the distance of 5,000 kms in 20 minutes and entered in to the Earth’s atmosphere at a high speed. Dr. Avinash Chander, the Chief Controller of DRDO said that the Agni V missile is 17 metre tall, three stage, solid propellant fuelled and has a capacity to carry 1.5 tonne payload.