A passenger jet of Bhoja Air on April 20, crashed near Islamabad in Pakistan when it was trying to land in a thunderstorm. The crash killed all 127 people on board and this was the second major disaster of the airline in less than two years.

The small domestic airline resumed its operations in the month of March after a long gap of 11 years. Reports say that the weather was the reason behind the crash.

At the scene of the crash, Rehman Malik the Interior Minister said that the head of the Bhoja Air Farooq Bhojas has been put on the ‘exit control list’, which means that he cannot leave Pakistan. Such a ban is put on a person suspected or implicated in a criminal case.

A criminal investigation will soon be launched in the incident. The Airline is said to be at fault as it acquired a very old aircraft. Malik said, “If the airline management doesn’t have enough money it doesn’t mean you go and buy a 30-year-old or more aircraft as if it were a rickshaw and start an airline” . Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said that it is not fair to reach to any conclusion and that he has ordered a judicial commission.