The manufacturer of snowmobiles, ATV and electric vehicles, Polaris has launched announced the launch of its ATV, the Ranger RZR SW for the Indian defence sector. The new ATV is a twin passenger vehicle and is specially designed for the tactical operations.

The vehicles has been powered by an 800 cc 4 stroke petrol engine and claims to have the top speed of 109kmph. The new Ranger RZR SW features a 4-wheel independent suspension with 30 cm of travel and payload of 454 kg.

Panjay Dubey, the managing director of Polaris India said, “after successfully entering the Indian market last year with our off-road vehicles, we are now concentrating on providing solutions to the Indian defence, security and government sector.” Dubey added that the Polaris Defence has been working with the military and government customers all over the world, while providing them with their unique needs and effective solutions.

Polaris India will now continue to do so for the Indian market. The company works directly with an OEM, due to which it provides benefits to their customers beyond the world class quality of Polaris products. The equipment manufacturer can be access by the customers to expedite the miss ionization requirements.