On April 25, two moderate earthquakes hit the Nicobar Islands. The India Meteorological Department official from the department of seismology informed that the quake struck at 1:12 pm on Wednesday.

The first tremor was measured at 5.2 at the Richter scale. While talking about the second tremor the official added, “The earthquake was of moderate intensity measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale. It occurred in the Nicobar islands region”.

The same region was earlier hit by a major earthquake measuring 8.2 with its epicentre near Sumatra coast on April 11, 2012. No injury or casualty has been reported.

Reports say that the epicentre of the earthquake was between Little Andaman and Car Nicobar. The tremor originated at a depth of 10 kms. After the massive earthquake on April 11, a tsunami alert was issued on the day, which was later on called off. The researchers say that when an earthquake occurs then it can also be accompanied by more tremors in near future. The natural disaster has kept everyone in the region on their foot. After the tsunami warnings, evacuations in parts of the Nicobar islands was carried out as a precautionary measure.