The Indian Railways is now attempting to introduce a new system which will provide the train running information. All the trains including the major trains like Shatabdi Express, Rajdhani express and Duronto will now be monitored by a navigation system which will be satellite based.

This is an attempt by the railways so as to provide accuracy about the movement of the trains. Vinay Mittal, the Chairman of the Railways Board said in a seminar, “We have launched Satellite Imaging for Rail Navigation (SIMRAN) as a pilot project for 18 pairs of important trains which provides precise location of the trains through interactive mode on mobile phones, laptops, thereby eliminating the need for telephone inquiry”.

At present the information of the running trains are monitored with the help of manual monitoring which is not accurate. With the help of SIMRAN the movement of the trains can be recorded, which will also include the exact location and speed in real time basis.

Mittal revealed that the new system will be installed in all the trains except the suburban as well as the local trains in the next 18 months. While talking about the Train Protection System, Mittal said that the system will be approved on a stretch of 3300 km to cover the entire high density route.