A section of the ailing Kingfisher Airlines staff has claimed that their salaries have not yet been paid. The section includes, engineers and pilots, who are now planning to move to the Labour Court.

A few of the employees of the airlines on the condition of anonymity said, “April has ended and with that the airline has once again accumulated salary dues of employees of four months (Jan-April). Unfortunately, the top management has not bothered to inform us as to when it intends to pay us. The situation is back to square one”. The employees added that the pilots are considering to seek the intervention of the Labour Court so as to get the dues cleared in an expeditious manner.

It was also added that they would soon take a joint decision with the other staffers on the future course of action. Even in the month of April, a section of employees had threatened that they would go on strike if their salaries were not cleared in time.

However, the crisis was averted at the last minute when Chairman Vijay Mallya wrote to them saying that their salaries will be paid within a week in a staggered manner. Now the employees claim that as many as 200 employees have not been paid their salaries despite the assurance from Mallya.