India’s largest telecom service provider BSNL has launched EVDO data card to provide high speed internet everywhere in India. The service has been possible due to the recently launched 3G network in India. And, BSNL has thus become the first company to launch that service. However, the service will be available initially in some selected cities in India.


The EVDO was launched in 2007. And now, it has come to full swing with the third generation network.

The BSNL EVDO modem is USB based, which can be used for PCs and laptops. The data card offers a high internet speed of 2.4 Mbps with Rev 0 and 3.1 Mbps on Rev A configuration.

BSNL has also made the payment charges affordable by allowing the customers to pay for the data card at Rs.3,500 as one time charges. The customers can also buy it on rental basis by subscribing for Rs. 200/month.  For getting 2.4 Mbps speed, the subscribers would have to pay Rs.550/month. However, the speed may vary according to location

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