A prototype of the game ‘The Unfinished Swan’ for PS3 was unveiled in the year 2008, after which nothing was heard about the project till now. Giant Sparrow, the developers of the game are all set to release the PSN later this year.

The makers of the game have provided a completely new approach to the game design, which allows the players to paint on a totally whit space with the help of the action of throwing globules of paint. It then reveals that the landscape is actually a landscape made of objects.

According to the story in the game a boy named Monroe is chasing after a swan and has stepped out of the painting. The boy then wanders in to a surreal and unfinished world.

Ian Dallas, the creative director wrote on the Playstation Blog describing about how this “painting a white world stuff is actually just the first 15 minutes. After which things get really weird” Dallas also talked about his experience when it was first unveiled. People thought that it was a horror game but now people have found that it is all about exploring the world and also evoking the sense of wonderment.