Japanese Automobile manufacturer, Honda Motors Co has announced the successful development of the world’s first technology which will help in the detection of traffic congestion. The new technology will also help in determining whether the driving pattern of the vehicle is likely to create traffic jams.

The company said that it developed the technology due to the acceleration and deceleration behaviour of one vehicle influences the traffic pattern of the trailing vehicles which can also trigger the traffic congestion. Honda conducted a experimental testing of the system which utilizes the technology to detect the potential for traffic congestion.

The test was conducted in collaboration with the Research Centre for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo. The test results mentioned that the system helped in increasing the average speed by approximately 23% and also improved the fuel efficiency by about 8% of the trailing vehicles.

Honda has the goal of bringing this technology to the market and will begin the first public road testing of the technology in Indonesia and Italy in the months of July and May respectively. This will verify the effectiveness of the technology in minimising the vehicle congestion.