Indian car manufacturing giant Maruti Suzuki is now all set to roll out its new small car to replace its best selling Alto in the Indian market. The new model will be developed on the basis of Alto and will feature a 800 cc petrol engine.

Sources from the company said that Maruti Suzuki intends to launch a new model, so as to catch up the declining sales of the Alto, due to the decline in the demand of petrol cars. In the past year the prices of petrol have remarkably gone up, due to which the demand for the diesel cars has risen.

With the launch of the new car by Maruti, it will help in dominating the festive season that occurs in the last quarter of the calendar year. However, introduction of the new car from the company will not be the only strategy to increase the sales.

The company might also lure the customers with hefty discounts. But the petrol cars are already available on huge discounts. Even Maruti admitted that the discounts have been the highest in the month of March this year. The Alto comes with a discount of Rs. 22,000 to Rs. 25,000.