The passengers air travelling from Delhi will now have to pay more. The air travel cost will rise from May 15 onwards when the higher user development fee (UDF) will become effective.

The UDF will become effective for all the domestic as well as international passengers while they depart or arrive at the IGI airport. On April 25, 2012 it was decided by the Airports Economic Regulatory (AERA) to raise the airport charges including UDF by 346% for two years.

On the other hand the airlines protested the move and said that they as well as the passengers will have to face the brunt of the massive hike. The official sources have said that the AERA’s decision has been accepted by the government and notified by the DGCA now.

From next Tuesday, a passenger departing for international, who is travelling more than 5,000 kms will have to pay Rs. 1,068 as UDF, while an arriving passenger will have to pay Rs. 881.10. Passengers who are travelling a distance between 2,000 kms and 5,000 kms will have to pay Rs. 845 and an arriving passenger will have to pay Rs. 699.17. Even short distance international travellers travelling below 2,000 kms distance Rs. 534 for departing and Rs. 436 for arrival.