Indian carrier Air India, has sacked ten more pilots who did not turn up to their duties and went on a mass sick leave, which lead to several flight cancellations on May 9, 2012. The Delhi high court stepped in to normalise the operations by restraining the pilots from going in to strike.

An official from Air India said, “We have sacked 10 more pilots. We are ready for talks, negotiations but we will also not tolerate this kind of illegal action which will permanently hurt the airline’s image”. Ten pilots were sacked on Tuesday and the union, Indian Pilots Guild (IPG) was also derecognised.

Attempts were made by the Delhi High Court to restore the operations and also issued restraining orders from the ongoing strike. The carrier then moved to the court against the agitating pilots.

The problems started when many of the pilots went on a mass sick leave which led to the cancellation of flights. International flights were cancelled on Tuesday as well as Wednesday. An official said, “Till now in the day, four flights have been cancelled, including New Delhi-Singapore, New Delhi-New York, New Delhi-Frankfurt and Mumbai-Newark”. The official added that they have called reserve pilots and other flights are being operated as per schedule.