Seems like, trouble for the National carrier, Air India does not seem to end as the pilot’s strike enters the third day today on May 10, 2012. But still there are no signs of any break through.

The government as well as the pilots have said that they are open to talks but neither of them has made the first move. Due to the protest by the pilots, thousands of passengers were stranded as many flights were cancelled.

On May 9, 2012 the Delhi High Court declared the strike as illegal, but despite the declaration the pilots remained defiant. About 250 pilots remained on strike and went on a mass sick leave on Monday morning after which the airlines even sent doctors to the residences of the pilots.

Ajit Singh the Civil Aviation minister said that the government is open for discussion to sort out the matter. But the minister also insisted that he expects the pilots to obey the court orders and return to work first. Jitendra Ahwad, the representative of the pilots said that the management has not invited them for any talks. Ahwad said that they were ready to withdraw 99% of their demands but they expect one step forward from the management.