Crisis on the aviation industry in the country continues to stay as Air India and Kingfisher Airlines on May 11, 2012 cancelled many of its flights. As many as 12 flights were cancelled by Air India and 7 flights were cancelled by Kingfisher Airlines as the employees did not report to their duties.

Looking at the crisis, the aviation minister Ajit Singh is expected to meet the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The National carrier Air India refused to take any more international bookings till the 15th of this month.

On May 11, many flights of Air India and Kingfisher Airlines were cancelled. The total number of Air India pilots who are sacked now stands at 46, while 72 Kingfisher pilots have been sacked in all of the north India.

The pilots as well as the employees of the airlines are protesting for the non payment of their salaries. On Thursday, the Air India fever also spread to Kingfisher Airlines and many of the pilots reported sick. Rajji Rai, the president of Travel Agents of India said, “There are hardly any seats available on flights to America and Europe. Fares have shot up as much as 20%”. The Kingfisher pilots were expecting that their January salaries would be paid on May 9, but it did not happen.