Indian based private airlines Jet Airways, has on May 11, 2012 announced that it has planned to introduce new flight service on the Mumbai-Dubai sector. The new service is expected to be launched on May 19, 2012.

The new service will be introduced looking at the growing demand on the Mumbai-Dubai sector. Already three flights are being operated on this route and the new service will complement the three flights.

The airlines said that they plan to commence the operations on May 18. The new flights will be timed to connect with the Jet Airway’s domestic network to SAARC/ ASEAN points.

The chief commercial officer of Jet Airways, Sudheer Raghavan said, “The new flight would help in connecting our guests flying in from Tier II and III cities following an increased demand due to the flow of tourist and business traffic to and from Dubai.” With the new flight the total number of flights to the route will become four. Jet Airways recently announced the withdrawal of its services from Johannesburg and is now looking forward to redeploy capacity on the beneficial routes for its international operations. The new flight to Dubai is a move towards strengthening its presence in the Gulf.