German sports clothing manufacturing giant Adidas, has filed a criminal complaint with the authorities. The complaint has been filed to bring in the formal charges in the commercial irregularities uncovered at Reebok India.

Adidas has asked the Indian authorities to begin a criminal investigation in to the probable irregularities which have been uncovered in the Indian arm of Reebok. A spokesperson from Adidas said, “A criminal complaint was filed with the Indian law enforcement authorities in order to bring formal charges in connection with the commercial irregularities uncovered at Reebok India”.

A team from Adidas is already in India so as to assist in the investigations. The spokesperson said that not many details of the investigation can be revealed as the investigations are continuing.

Earlier this month the company claimed that it covered commercial irregularities to the tune of 125 million euros in its subsidiary Reebok India. Adidas also announced the closure of one third of around 900 Reebok stores, which is a part of the restructuring strategy. Even the spokesperson confirmed that the company would shut down one third of the Reebok shops which are run by the license holders. In India Adidas operates more than 1,000 stores across 325 towns and cities.