Search operations have begun on May 12, 2012 to retrieve the remains of the 45, people on board of a Russian made plane, which crashed in to Mount Salak. The flight crashed in to the volcano during a demonstration flight on May 9, 2012.

The investigators are yet to find the black box recorder, which might help in explaining why the Sukhoi Superjet 100 crashed in to Mount Salak. The Indonesian team is struggling to climb the dormant volcano to retrieve the remains as the helicopters were unable to land due to fog hugging the mountain about 50 miles southwest of Jakarta.

All the people who were on board are presumed to be dead and the wreckage of the plane is scattered in the jungle. On May 12, 2012 four body bags have been brought by the helicopters to Jakarta for identification.

Rescue agency Gagah Prakoso said, “We also have deployed a team to find the black box, but so far it had yet found”. Police forensic doctor, Col. Anton Chastila said,that his team has received the remains and added that it is still unclear how many victims they represent. Some 60 forensic experts will sort out the body parts piece by piece and take DNA samples to identify them.