On May 14, 2012 a plane which had 21 people on board crashed, when it was trying to land on a mountain strip in the northern Himalayas in Nepal. TV reports said that six passengers which include two children, two foreigners and an air hostess have been rescued alive.

The rescued passengers were in critical condition and were airlifted by helicopter to the nearby city of Pokhara for treatment. The rescuers have recovered nine bodies have been recovered from the debris, but their identity is still unknown.

According to the police official, Neraswor Aryal, 16 passengers were Indian and two of them were westerners, but it is not clear from which country the foreigners belonged to. Aryal, who is posted at the Jomsom town, revealed that the injured people have been taken to the local hospital.

The Jomsom airport is a popular tourists spot and a trekking destination and is located 200 kms northwest of the capital, Kathmandu. The aircraft, which was found on the airstrip was in pieces but did not catch fire. The reason for the crash is still not known. The Dornier aircraft which crashed belonged to the local Agri Air Company.