There are chances that the prices of the fruits and vegetables might increase in the month of June in Karnataka. The prices might increased of the transport associations proceed with their plan of indefinite strike so as to protest the decision of the government to install speed governors in commercial vehicles.

A threat of indefinite strike from June 1, has been given by the owners as well as the drivers of the commercial vehicles like the trucks, maxi cabs and taxis. The president of the All India Motor Transport Association, GR Shanmugappa revealed that more than 8.75 lakh taxis along with 2.75 lakh trucks across the state of Karnataka will be taking part in the strike.

Shanmugappa added that the order on the installation of speed governors will be applicable on the vehicles in the state as well as those entering the state. The president while talking on their disapproval on the speed governors said that the taxis, trucks and the vehicles carrying vegetables and fruits will be stopped in the state from June 1 onwards.

But the protestors have said that the decision would hamper their business. The Transporters Association has thus demanded that the state government must not stress on the installation of the speed governors.