German auto manufacturing giant Mercedes Benz, after introducing the long distance coaches, is now all set to bring in the brand new City Bus for the India market. The commuters can now look forward towards to a bump free comfortable ride.

Some of the comfort features of the new City Bus include, low access flat platform, rear engine and fully air conditioned. The bus has been assembled at the Chakan plant in Pune in the state of Maharashtra.

Mercedes is known for the manufacturing the best passengers busses with the applications that are suitable for different road conditions as well as requirements in different countries. Benz has been manufacturing busses since the early decades of the twentieth century.

What they made then, and what they are making today has a vast difference and has a commendable evolution in terms of passenger evolution. The body of the Mercedes Benz bus is different from the other buses. The side panel of the bus are pasted to the structural frame and are then painted. As it has a rear engine, the passenger compartment is completely devoid of noise and vibrations. Even the driver’s seat has several comfort adjustments as well as good damping for all kinds of surfaces.