Social networking site Facebook, is now facing near saturation levels in some of the western countries. But now the Asian users are helping the social networking giant to reach the goal of 1 billion users and beyond.

Facebook has made a major impact on the region and has challenged the conservative ideals, connected different communities and has also allowed the users to have a control on the information. It is expected that the impact would deepen, looking at the huge population of Asia flocks towards Facebook.

It has been estimated that one in four of Facebook’s 900 million plus users, are in Asia. In the past half a year it has been observed that the users from India have grown to 20 percent, while 65 percent in Japan and 56 percent in South Korea.

Tom Crampton, the head of Asian Social media for advertising major Ogilvy & Mather said, “For the Facebook platform itself, Asia is wildly important. But in terms of the future of the platform, it is even more important”. The social network has also faced competition from the rivals like Friendster and MySpace in Asia. But on the other hand the social networking sites have also enabled the users to challenge the social structures in terms of information, which has forced the government to take notice.