Renowned GPS device manufacturer, Garmin Corporation has on May 15, 2012 entered the lucrative Indian market and has launched its nuvi 40LM and 50 LM devices, which will be priced at Rs. 8450 and Rs. 9990 respectively. The newly launched devices also come with free maps of Singapore and Malaysia.

Singapore and Malaysia are two of the most visited countries by the Indians. Moreover, Indian accent will be built in the devices for convinience.

Tony An, the marketing director of Garmin Asia said, “Different from traditional navigation devices, which make it difficult to understand the street name or area because of in-built American accent, Garmin self-developed technology and was the first to implement Indian accent into devices.” An added that the Indian English sounds much more familiar and can be well recognised by Indian people.

The device helps the users with its unique feature known as the Junction View, which helps the drivers to avoid last minute maneuvers. Some of the other features of the device include, Lane Info, which helps to guide in to the proper lane for navigation, Highway mode which guides to the approaching highway and Text-to Speech feature which speaks the street names in English but in an Indian accent.