From May 14, to June 16, the Railways has cancelled and shirt terminated certain trains for some major re-modelling and modernization work at the Khurda Road Yard. The non-interlocking work has been taken up by the East Coast Railways which will affect the movement of certain trains.

The passenger train Bhadrak – Dhanmandal – Bhubaneshwar – Bhadrak and 78411/78412 Bhubaneshwar – Khalikote – Bhubaneshwar passenger will be cancelled on May 20, 27 and June 2, 9, and 10 in both the directions. Even the Bhubaneshwar – Balugaon – Palasa – Bhubaneshwar passenger train will remain cancelled on May 20, 27, and June 2, 9 and 10 in both directions.

Meanwhile the Bhubaneshwar – Vishakhapatnam – Bhubaneshwar Intercity express will be short terminated and will be operated between Palasa –Vishakhapatnam – Palasa from May 18 to June 16 and will be cancelled between Bhubaneshwar and Palasa.

The are also a few more trains which will be short terminated during this period. The Santragachhi – Puri – Santragachhi will run between Santragachhi and Kapilas Road but will be cancelled between Puri and Kapilasa Road on May 17 to June 16. The similar schedule has been set for Rourkela – Puri – Rourkela passenger train and Khurda Road – Kharagpur passenger which will run between Kharagpur and Bhubaneshwar but will be cancelled between Bhubaneshwar and Khurda Road.