The auto joint venture, Renault-Nissan is now all set with its plans to expand its presence in the most lucrative Indian market. The companies are now aiming to double its production to 8,00,000 cars at its Chennai plant by the year 2015-16.

To begin with the partners are planning to jump in the competition by having at least 20-22 cars between them across the categories in the upcoming four to five years. This will help them to challenge the leaders in the market like the Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai India.

The partners are now aiming to have a presence in all categories from the entry level cars to premium SUVs and also sedans. It is also depending on cross badging, by replacing the brandijg trademark of one product to another to save on design as well as the development cost of a new model.

This is one of the key strategies for its new product portfolio. The Renault Nissan is considering the cross badging of Nissan Sunny, Nissan Evalia and Renault Duster in the upcoming years with an aim to cut the development cost and the lead time to launch the products in a busy market. Like the Hatchback Pulse, the Renault badged products will be prices at a premium over the Nissan brand.