Though the agitation by the Indian Pilot’s Guild (IPG) has entered the 14th day, but the airline management said that two more of the pilots have returned to work. With this the total number if the sick pilots returning to work has become five.

A spokesperson from Air India said, “Two members of the now derecognised Indian Pilots Guild (IPG) resumed duties today”. Last week the management said that three of the pilots which includes two of the IPG members had returned to work.

But the IPG on the other hand denied that the pilots deserted them and on the contrary claimed that three more pilots have joined their agitation. One of the IPG members said that the pilots who have resumed work are not IPG members.

The IPG Member added that three of their pilots who were on a two week temporary posting to Dubai have reported sick after they returned to Mumbai. In term of negotiation, the government wants the pilots to first get back to work before negotiation. But the IPG maintains that they must take back the 71 pilots who have been sacked. Due to the agitation the airline has suffered a loss of more than Rs. 200 crore.