Chinese based company Lenovo has on May 22, 2012 announced the launch of two new additions to its desktop series in the Indian market. The company has announced the IdeaCentre H430 and IdeaCentre H520s.

The company claims that the desktops offer a host of entertainment features as well as a space saving design at an affordable price. The new Lenovo H520s PC is said to be 2 times smaller than a standard desktop PC.

The desktop comes with slim design, with a performance of a 2nd /3rd generation Intel Core i7 processor and has been priced at Rs. 24,990. The Lenovo H430 desktop PC offers a multitude of entertainment features and is powered by 2nd/3rd generation Intel Core i processor with Turbo Boost.

The H430 is available for Rs 21, 250 in the Indian market. The desktop PCs feature integrated TV tuner and integrated 802.11n Wi Fi 1. Rajesh Thadani, director consumer business segment of Lenovo India said, “Both, IdeaCentre H430 and H520s are equipped with Chicklet keyboards with Rupee symbols, customised specially for the Indian audience and hence facilitating wider usage of the symbol”. The desktop PCs are good for web browsing, homework, video playback or editing photo albums.