The owners of the private sonography centres in Jaipur have now decided to stop conducting the ultrasound tests on pregnant women from May 22, 2012. The decision has been taken after the private sonography centres have alleged unfair treatment by the Rajasthan government.

Dr. Vijay Kapoor, the Secretary of private hospitals and nursing home secretary said, “We will not perform the test from today and the decision is for indefinite period. Department of Medical and Health is indiscriminately taking action against sonography centres in the name of violation of PCPNDT (Pre conception and Pre Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex selection), 1994) Act”. Kapoor added that all the sonography centres are certainly not involved in the illegal practices of sex determination but the government is taking strict action against the centres in an unbiased manner.

The secretary alleged that the health department in the past few days seized some of the machines and cancelled licenses without proper checking. However, Kapoor also expressed support in the need to stop the female foeticide and added that people who are found guilty must be suspended.

But it was argued that the government should be impartial in its approach. About 350 private sonography centres in the city have decided not to perform ultrasound tests on pregnant women from Tuesday.