The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) on May 22, passed a proposal to purchase the latest model laptops for its 104 councillors. Though they might not know how to operate a computer, but this has not refrained the councillors from demanding the latest model of laptops.

Even in the year 2007, the councillors were given laptops but most of them did not use the gadget. The old ones will be discarded. The leader of the SDMC house, Subhash Arya said that the councillors need the laptops for their day to day functioning.


Arya added that even new mobile phones and SIM cards are essential . The leader said, “The 2007 laptops are old and cannot be used anymore. New laptops will be purchased and distributed”. This time the councillors also want a printer along with the laptop so that they can provide better services to the citizens.

In the year 2007, the unified MCD spent Rs. 1.63 crores to purchase laptops for its 272 councillors. But during the past five years most of them did not even use it citing computer illiteracy. So they demanded that the operators operate the machines. For this, computer workshops were also organized for its councillors but only a few turned up.