In another setback to the common man, the prices of petrol went up by Rs. 6.28 plus the local taxes at midnight on Wednesday. This is the largest hike of the fuel in ten years and the opposition is now threatening to launch a big agitation against the raised prices.

The allies of the government and the friends are bringing pressure to roll back the hiked prices and have feared that the LPG and the diesel prices will be the next to go up. Vehicle owners lined up their vehicles at the petrol stations on May 23, to get cheaper petrol and even expressed their anger.

A resident of Chandigarh said, “They don’t think, how will people afford a 7-and-a-half rupee hike? The prices are already sky high. This is very bad. The government should think about poor people as well”. According to the government the petrol is a deregulated commodity and that the decision has been taken by the finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee last evening.

However, the allies of the government are not supporting the decision. Mamata Banerjee has strongly protested and added that the decision was not discussed amongst the allies and even in the parliament which was in session till Tuesday.