The centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) on May 23, 2012 said that the state run carrier Air India is marching towards a terminal decline. The CAPA also said that there are chances that the airline could shut down due to the massive lack of human resources issues along with a management which is not ready to take the responsibility.

The Capa also added that if the management does not change its mind then it is all set to enter a defining period. Reports have said that the government owned carrier is kept alive due to the generosity of the Indian tax payers.

The merger between Air India and Indian Airlines is defined by the fact that the most critical issues like the integration of human resources, which has been handled in the most careless way and that no one in the management is willing to take the responsibility. The failed merger and the integration issues has been a constant source of tension within the employees.

Even Air India veteran Jitendra Bhargava agrees with the reports and says, “Air India in its current avatar cannot survive. There are harsh realities, which need to be addressed immediately. HR issues have been mishandled, crisis is sitting on the horizon and the people who are handling it are inept.” The pilots have now entered the 16th day of their agitation.