A Riyadh-Mumbai Jet Airways flight on May 28 caught fire, which led to an emergency situation at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. However, no casualties have been reported.

The officials, on the condition of anonymity informed that the incident occurred at 5:45 am when the Jet Airways flight 9W 523 from Riyadh landed at the airport. As soon as the flight landed, the Air Traffic Control noticed smoke, suspecting fire that was also seen by the cockpit crew.

The cockpit crew as a safety measure shut down the engine after which the airport fire brigade rushed to the scene. The fire was doused within just minutes but the operations at the airport were suspended for about ten minutes due to the emergency situation.

But at around 6 am the normal operations resumed at the airport and no casualties were reported. About 158 passengers were on board, who escaped unhurt. A statement was later released by Jet Airways which said, “As per standard operating procedures, one engine was shut down and passengers were deplaned safely. The flight operation was stopped for about ten minutes”. All the passengers were deplaned safely. The Jet plane was on the taxiway when the fire was noticed.