After hitting the consumers with the major hike in petrol, things became worse for the people of Chennai when the fuels stations ran out of stocks. Almost all the fuels stations in the city had ‘no stock’ board which created problems for the vehicle owners.

The people who were affected the most were the two wheeler owners and the auto rickshaw drivers, who regularly fill small amount of fuel. When the hike was announced last Wednesday, many fuel stations went out of stock of diesel.

Moreover, by the end of the week many of the petrol stations sold only premium petrol at Rs. 80 per litre which took the hike to more than eleven rupees on a temporary basis. When spoken to the petrol pump owners, they denied the charges of hoarding and said that it was all due to the lack of supplies from the companies.

Later when the Indian Oil Corporation Public Relations Officer Vetri Selvam was contacted, he said that a statement will be issued shortly after discussing the matter with the Executive Director. When a petrol tanker arrived at a petrol station in South Chennai, a mad rush was noticed with several motorists rushing for petrol. The bunk owners instructed the motorists to park the vehicles on the road which created traffic jams.