The surface to air ‘Akash’ missiles of Air Force version, was on June 1, 2012 successfully test fired. The missiles were fired with a strike range of 25 kms from the integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur near Balasore in the state of Odisha.

MVK Prasad, the ITR director, said, “Two Air Force version Akash missiles were test-fired from the ITR in quick succession. Both the trials were successful and met all the mission objectives”. The missiles were anti-aircraft and were capable of carrying warhead of 60 kgs.

The missiles were test fired from a mobile launcher at launch complex III of the ITR. An official from the Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO) associated with the Akash Missile project said that the trial was conducted at around noon.

The official also said that the test firing was a part of the country’s routine air defence exercises. The test fore of the missiles came after similar trials were conducted from the same test range on May 24, 26 and 28. An official from the DRDO on condition of anonymity said, “During the trial, the sophisticated missiles were aimed at intercepting floating object supported by a pilotless target aircraft at a definite altitude over the sea”. The Akash is capable of simultaneously engaging several targets with the Rajendra Radar.