Japanese company Omron has developed a new hand gesture recognition technology which is capable of simultaneously recognising the position, shape and motion of a person’s hand or finger with reference to a camera recorded image. The technology has been combined with Omron’s core facial image sensing technology after which gesture can be recognised and started automatically with the analysis of interrelation between position or direction of the face and hand, shape or position.

The conventional gesture recognition technologies require a trigger motion to begin the recognition process, like waving of the hand. But on the other hand Omron’s technology does not require this and allows more natural interaction with the machines based on the interpretation of the users intention.

The features of the new technology will be demonstrated at the Symposium on Sensing via Image Information, which will be held in Pacifico Yokohoma from June 6 to 8. The technology of gesture recognition has gaining popularity in the recent years.

The new technology allows the users to control or manipulate devices in a more natural manner like operating a TV set with hand movements or releasing the shutter of a camera through a hand gesture. Omron is developing the facial recognition technology with its OKAO vision technology since the year 1995.