The new ‘Ultrabook’ by Intel Corp will be the main focus for the industry players gathered at Taiwan for Computex this week. Intel says that by the year 2013 all the buzz will be about voice and gesture recognition features.

The world’s largest chip making giant is confident about the consumers spending on innovative devices, despite the fact that the economic conditions are rough throughout the world. Intel is now depending on ultrabooks, the ultra thin notebook PCs which are similar to that of Apple’s MacBook Air.

The new ultrabooks have been designed with several technologies infused in one so as to take away the popularity of the iPad. The Ultrabook has a higher retail price, but still the company is confident that it will be well received in the market.

Intel is also planning to enter agreements with four Taiwanese touch panel makers on June 5 to enable the expansion of the current capacity by three to five times. Tom Kilroy, the Intel’s senior vice president and General Manager of sales and marketing said, “You can expect by Computex 2013 convertible ultrabook will be ramping up nicely”. However, no details were given on the launch of the ultrabooks but added that it is round the corner.