With an aim to eradicate manual scavenging, a founder of a Non Governmental Organization (NGO), has offered its service to the government. The NGO founder said that he intends to eliminate the social evil in the next three years.

While talking at a function, Bindeshwar Pathak, the founder of Sulabh International said that he is ready to go to jail if the work taken up by him is not completed in three years. Pathak said, “If the government cannot eradicate manual scavenging, entrust the work with us. We will do it. If we cannot do it in three years, jail me”.

The founder of the NGO threw light on the protection of the dignity of people who are forced to do such menial jobs since generations. National Convenor of Safai Karmachari Andolan, Bezwada Wilson said no one can be forced to clean human excreta against his/her wish. Wilson said, “Atleast, we have started recognising this grave issue.

People who are involved in such menial jobs are called by names. They are not given the human treatment, it destroys their self-respect and personality”. Usha Chowmar, an ex-scavenger from Alwar was adopted by the NGO and is now living a dignified life. Chowmar was earlier deprived of even the basic necessities.