The Asian countries in June 4, 2012 witnessed its first partial Lunar eclipse of the year. Many of the countries even witnessed a clear moon as the event unfolded. About 20 people gathered at an astronomical observatory in Rikubetsu, Japan on the northern island of Hokkaido.

People who observed the eclipse as it neared the maximum level, appreciated its beauty. Apart from the lunar eclipse, the week is also due for the Transit of Venus, which is also one of the eagerly awaited events in the astronomical calendar. The skywatchers in the Pacific and East Asia are expecting to have the best view of the eclipse provided the weather remains favourable.

The countries like New Zealand, Australia, nations of the South Pacific and Papua New Guinea were supposed to see the eclipse in full, while the countries like Japan, Korea, Eastern China and South East Asia were to witness most of it. On June 5, the North Americans will b able to see the early stage of the Transit of Venus.

This occurs when Venus passes between Earth and the Sun, appearing under magnification as a small black dot across the solar face. The next transit will not take place until the year 2117.