Auto manufacturer, Toyota Motors on June 4, 2012 said that it has developed a vehicle to home (V2H) system for mutual sharing of power between electric powered vehicles, like the electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles and homes.

The testing of the new V2H system is yet to begin. It will be tested using the Prius PHVs at the end of 2012 in approximately ten households. The project is a part of the Toyota City Low Carbon Verification project which began in April 2010.

With the help of the newly developed system, power can be supplied from home to vehicle as well as from vehicle to home. An AC 100 V inverter in the system on the Prius PHV converts the stored power in to AC suitable for home use. Meanwhile the power flow is controlled according to the communication between vehicle, charging stand and home.

With the help of the new method, low carbon electricity also known as green electricity, from the regional or home solar generators, or low cost late night electricity can be stored in vehicles drive battery and then can be used to supply power to the household during the peak consumption times.