An unusual condition at the fishing port of Ohara in Isumi City of Chiba has astonished everyone, despite the fact that the place has nothing to do with espionage or political corruption. Tons of dead sardines have gathered at the shore. Apart from the disturbing sight, the huge amount of dead fish is smelling up the entire surrounding area.

Reports say that the dead fish started washing up around noon time on June 3, 2012 and the situation is still out of control. The amount of dead sardines is predicted to be several dozens of tons, due to which the smell of the dead fish has gone from bad to worse.

Some of the pictures of the situation have been uploaded on Twitter and the port looks completely filled with dead fish. The pictures give a picture as if it is a carpet of sardines. Along with the pictures, there are several posts on the reason of the situation. Some say that this might be an omen or even could be a sign of a major natural disaster.

The port was supposed to be shut down from June 1 to 5, but looking at the emergency situation, the local fishermen are now in full force to resolve the situation.