As the Air India pilots do not seem giving up their stance, even the civil aviation minister Ajit Singh is now taking a tough stand against the striking pilots. The aviation minister said that they are now planning to hire new pilots.

Singh said that once the process begins , if the pilots wish to come back then they will have to apply as fresh candidates and follow the process of the recruitment to stand a chance to join Air India. The minister assured that the process is likely to begin soon and the Air India management is in the process of putting it in to motion.

Singh said, “Air India has decided to recruit pilots from domestic and international markets. We expect to advertise for the posts soon”. The minister on June 6 said that it has been a month since the pilots have gone on strike, and it does not seem like the pilots do not wish to return to work.

A senior official from the airline said that the pilots were called earlier with an assurance that no one will be victimised and that a chance was also given to the sacked pilots. But once the process of recruitment begins, all the striking pilots will have to apply as fresh candidates.