The consumers affair centre of the Tokyo metropolitan government on June 6, 2012 said that it has sent an official letter of complaint to the operators of Skymark. Skymark is a low-cost airline, the headquarters of which is located at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.

The complaint letter has been sent after many passengers mistakenly came to the centre to make complaints which should have been directed to the company itself. The complaint has been forwarded after reports that the transport ministry will require Skymark pilots and cabin attendants to undergo onboard observation to ensure that they are properly trained.

In recent times Skymark has been targeted in terms of a series of security scares and complaints. For instance in the month of February, a flight arriving at Miyako Airport in Okinawa had approached below the legal minimum altitude.

Then in the month of April, a flight landed at Ibaraki Airport without permission. BY the month of May there have been six such instances of safety violations. The ministry will also demand an assurance from the airline that it has updated its information sharing protocols. Moreover, it was also revealed that pilots were reporting safety reaches and the other incidents after they finished flying their next flights. The monitoring will begin by mid June.