Since the destructive tsunami in Japan, on March 11, 2012, the Fukushima plant has constantly been in question in terms of safety. The Former president of the Fukushima Plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co, on June 7, 2012 denied that he ever considered pulling out of the plant’s workers.

The then prime minister Naoto Kan and others have accused Masataka Shimizu of planning to abandon the Fukushima plant which has been stricken by tsunami last year, as the reactors melted down leaving Tokyo at risk. Shimizu told a high profile investigative panel appointed by the parliament, “I was not saying that we would withdraw everyone. The basic premise was that we would leave a number of people.”

When stressed, Shimizu said that he never clearly stated to the government officials that some staff would remain. Shimizu very soon became the target of the public outage after the three of the Fukushima reactors melted down during the deadly tsunami in Japan last year.

The tsunami lead to the spewing of radiation and forced mass evacuation. He was even criticised for disappearing from public view three days after the disaster struck. Shimizu was also later hospitalized for dizziness and high blood pressure, after which the supervision was left on the utility’s chairman.