Asia Bizz: Smartphone manufacturing giant Sony launched its latest accessory SmartWatch in the markets abroad and has now decided to launch it for the Indian market as well. Sony, on its official Facebook page, confirmed that the SmartWatch will be launched in the Indian market by the end of June 2012.

The SmartWatch is expected to be priced at Rs. 6,299. The interesting device from Sony will have a OLED colour display, which will come with different colour straps which can be matched with your personality.

But the most interesting part is that it can be synced with Android phones and lets you read SMSs, emails, calendar reminders and also updates from the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The SmartWatch will also allow users to reject and mute calls and also receive through the Bluetooth headset.

The watch can be compatible with the other Android phones as well, for which one does not have to own a Sony branded phone to use it. The device can be synced with the smartphones through Bluetooth 3.0. Sony is known for providing such innovative products for its customers and has earlier launched a MBW 100 Bluetooth watch, which was at that time a standard analog watch with OLED display.