Asia Bizz: A significant rise in the domestic air fares have been noticed in the months of April and May, compared to that of last year in the same period. The condition was mostly due to the reduction of capacity by Kingfisher Airlines and the peak holiday season.

When the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) analyzed the air fares data during this period, it was noticed that there was a significant rise in the fares over the same period last year. The DGCA has been monitoring the air fares over the specific days during these months, so as to find out why the airlines over charged the passengers.

Despite the upward swing in the fares, none of the airlines charged beyond the fare band. The fare bands are submitted by the airlines themselves and are displayed on their websites.

It has been noticed that the fares increase during the peak summer rush that normally leads to an increase in demand for air travel and consecutively the higher fares. It has also been analyzed if the operational costs have also increased during this period. The Civil Aviation minister Ajit Sigh has ordered the aviation regulator to analyze the current rates to find out if the airlines have over charged the passengers.