The pilots of the Indian carrier Air India have been striking for about 35 days and are soon expected to receive their termination letters. The news has not yet been confirmed but the Aviation Minister Ajit Singh indicated of the development on June 11, 2012 and said that the management would soon come to a decision about the pilots who are striking.

Singh said that the pilots are on illegal strike and do not show any signs of illegal strike. The minister also said that the pilots have defied the High Court and have also requested them repeatedly to return to work.

Now the management will decide to how long keep the striking pilots on pay role when they are not working. The Minister earlier announced that the airline will hire about 100 pilots on contract from the domestic market.

The main focus would be to train the domestic pilots for international operations and to also look towards expansion. Advertisements have also been put out for hiring pilots and new officers. During the 35 day strike, the management sacked 101 pilots and a new business plan d promotion strategy as also announced 10 days back. The Indian Pilot’s Guild said that the management intends to escalating matters rather than resolving them.