The Tokyo metropolitan government has formed a study group, to come up with measures to reduce the number of accidents involving cyclists and also to improve the cycling etiquette. The group, as a measure has recommended that the bicycles should have number plates.

The group has experts from the field of traffic safety and education and has said that the number plates on the bicycles would make the cyclist more responsible and will also reduce the number of abandoned bikes. The metropolitan government has expressed that it is costly for the city to dispose off abandoned bikes.

With the new system of number plates for the bicycles, it will be easier to track down the owner of the bicycle. The leader of the study group, Shigeru Morichi a professor at the National Graduate Institute For Policy Studies, said that the current situation is terrible and the number of accidents involving bicycles is increasing.

In the month of January new set of rules took effect which are designed to keep the bike riders on the left side of the road. The city of Tokyo is now planning to set up special coloured lanes for the cyclists. Plans are also made to toughen the rules for sidewalk cyclists o as to cut the number of accidents.