Two of the Indian pilots managed to land a Guwahati bound flight, which did not have one of the two front wheels. The missing wheel was noticed by two of the pilots Capt. Urmila Yadav and Capt Yashu when the flight was about to land.

A source from the Airport’s Authority of India said, “During a pre-landing check, the ATC discovered that one of the two front wheels were missing. The pilots were immediately informed and an emergency was declared at Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi International (LGBI) Airport”. The pilots then kept the aircraft circling for about two hours to burn off the fuel while the preparations were being made for an emergency landing.

Under such a situation the remaining fuel is burnt off so that the aircraft becomes light to prevent a fatal accident while landing. Meanwhile the [passengers came to know about the snag, but still the plane landed safely and all the passengers and crew were evacuated safely.

Tarun Gogoi the chief minister of Assam congratulated the pilots over the phone for their courage in landing which saved plenty of precious lives. Reports said that the aircraft had lost one of the front wheels during take off. An inquiry has been called in to the incident.