The disaster prevention experts in a meeting have recommended to draw up a plan to evacuate those who could be affected by an eruption of Mount Fuji. A conference was held by the specialists from Yamanashi, Shizouka and Kanagawa on June 8, 2012.

During the conference it was agreed upon a plan to shelter people which might be affected by a potential eruption of the mountain to perform a test of the procedure by 2014. The plan will include evacuation methods and routes for the residents as well as the tourists during the event of an eruption.

Each team is responsible of the efficacy of the current arrangements and hen report back to the council at the next meeting, which is scheduled to take place in late April 2013 in Yamanashi Prefecture. The conference was also attended by the volcano experts who spoke on the subjects of Mount Fuji’s history.

They talked about the reliability of volcanic eruption and the likely characteristics of an eruption. The University of Tokyo ‘s Earthquake Research Institute carried out a survey in May a found a 30 km fault running from Gotemba in Shizouka Prefecture beneath Mount Fuji. The results of the research indicate that it is likely to be active.