Computer manufacturer, Lenovo has on June 11, 2012 launched its IdeaPAd U310 and IdeaPad U410 Ultrabooks for the Indian market. The new Ultrabooks have been powered by 3rd generation Intel Core Processors.

The Ultrabooks will have the features of a traditional laptops which include, powerful processing performance, large storage capacity and rich audio with sleek aesthetics along with a few qualities of tablets like the fast boot up, all day battery life and instant resume. The Lenovo IdeaPad U310 ultrabook features 13.3 inch HD display and offers up to 4GBDD3 memory , up to 500GB storage and 32 GB SSD cache.

The new ultrabooks start from Rs. 49,000 onwards. The new models by Lenovo ha a sleek design with a thickness of 18 mm and has a metal exterior. The laptops feature a 13.3 inch display but offers up to 8 GB DDR3 memory up to 1 TB HDD storage and 32 GB SSD1 cache.

The range of the laptops begins from Rs. 52,990 onwards. The new U310 and U410 have an extended battery life of up to 9 hours. The models are available in various colours and also come with the Intel Anti Theft technology. In case of theft the technology helps the owner to remotely disable the PC or track it down through GPS or Wi Fi geo location.