DV Sadananda Gowda, the chief minister of the state of Karnataka on June 11 ordered the arrest of Nithyananda for the recent attack on the media people. The incident happened at the Dhyanapeetam ashram where they had all gone for a press conference convened by him.

Gowda after a meeting with the Home Minister R Ashok and Law Minister S Suresh Kumar about the incident at the ashram on the outskirts of the city , said that Nithyananda was absconding after the incident. He had then ordered the devotees to remove the representatives of a television channel from the press conference venue.

Lal Rukoma Pachau, the Director General and Inspector General of Police briefed the meeting about the events at the Dhyanapeetam. Nithyananda had then got angry with a television reporter asked him whether he refused to accept court warrant and prevented police personnel from entering the Dhyanapeetam to serve it.

There was then an argument after which he asked the devotees to remove the reporter. The incident then led to protests by local Kannada activists demanding the arrest of the spiritual guru and the shut down of the ashram. An inquiry will be held in to the incidents and a report will be submitted to the government for taking legal action.